Protecting Culture

Potential of Traditional Technology


Our company was founded in 2011 (Heisei 23) in Ueno, Tokyo as a corporation specializing in preservation repairs and preservation activities for cultural properties. Based on the national conservation technique and the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage “So-Ko repair technique”, oriental calligraphy works and historical materials from ancient to modern times, including national treasures and important cultural properties The main target is to face various cultural properties. The main focus is on the preservation and repair of hanging scrolls, rolls, folding screens, sliding doors, foreheads, and Japanese-style books that have been passed down since ancient times, but traditional techniques and perspectives such as printed matter and books made of Western paper, blueprint drawings, and glass dry plates cannot be used alone. In addition to modern cultural properties, we also accept special repair projects and reproductions with various circumstances. In cooperation with specialized organizations and cooperating companies, we comprehensively carry out cultural property protection activities while applying advanced technology. Through our activities, we take on the responsibility of inheriting the traditional materials and techniques around them, and aim to be an organization that can contribute widely to society.

Shugo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kazuhiko IKEDA